martedì, ottobre 25, 2005

Enquanto eu não coloco esse blogue no lugar, um pouco de Billie Holliday para vocês

Holding hands at midnight
'Neath the starry sky
Nice work if you can get it
And you can get it if you try
Scrolling with the one boy
Sighing after sigh
Nice work if you can get it
And you can get it if you try
Just imagen someone waiting at the cottage door
Where two hearts become one
Who could ask for anything more
Loving one who loves you
And then taking that vow
Nice work if you can get it
And if you can get it
Won't you tell me how?

4 commenti:

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  2. Vc viu? Agora sua depressão tem cura!!!

  3. volta o nome pra agente laranja!! Assim não dá pra fazer a minha piada infame...